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Date: October 03, 2023

Mapping System: A Tool for Community Safety and Wellbeing

Part of the Fall 2023 Trainings Series

Training Description

Mapping systems are a valuable tool for professionals who aim to maintain the safety and well-being of a community. Professionals can use a mapping system to prevent, intervene, and respond to various types of crime impacting community members’ safety. These crimes may include theft, robbery, assault, drug-related offenses, and many others.

To develop an effective mapping system for a community, professionals should first conduct an environmental scan. This involves identifying and analyzing the physical and social factors contributing to crime in a particular area. Environmental scan concepts that can be incorporated into a mapping system include identifying high-risk areas, understanding the types of crime prevalent in the area, and assessing the needs of the community members who may be affected by crime.

Once an environmental scan has been conducted, professionals can use the information gathered to create a preliminary mapping system for their community. The mapping system should include the identified high-risk areas, the types of crime that occur in those areas, and the specific needs of the community members who may be affected by crime. Professionals can better understand the issues impacting their community by using a mapping system and developing effective strategies to promote safety and well-being.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify various types of crime that impact community members’ safety and well-being.
  • Be introduced to environmental scan concepts that can be incorporated into a mapping system.
  • Create a preliminary mapping system for their community using the workshop concepts.

Audience: This skills-based workshop is for beginner, intermediate, and advanced-level helping professionals.

Dates: Nov. 8th, 15th, 29th (4-hour training)

Location: TBD



Dr. Riley is an enrolled member of the Mescalero Apache Tribe of New Mexico. She has worked in the field of social work for over 23 years and is currently the Director of the Native American Social Work Studies Institute. Her passion is working with people and teaching and learning new things.


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